Past Performance

Challenge:  The prime contractor for Financial Statement Review Services at Ginnie Mae needed assistance with conducting annual issuer reviews to evaluate whether the issuers meet requirements related to financial strength, reporting… more

HUD contracted SP Group to conduct a detailed compliance and risk assessment involving review of hundreds of RCSs, to discern whether the comparable market rents as stated in the RCSs… more

“[SP Group] has delivered high quality service and performed according to standards within the statement of work. This includes periodically revising their services for Rent Comparability Studies to ensure agreed… more

HUD contracted SP Group to build and maintain an integrated system of databases to facilitate its ongoing operational analytics and risk assessment of FHA loan disposition strategies. SP Group developed… more

“The SP Group personnel demonstrated willingness to go above and beyond to arrange a flawless demo by preparing data and customizing additional views to facilitate understanding of this critical functionality… more

“SP Group demonstrated ability to ramp up quickly and provide SMEs with relevant subject matter knowledge and experience to meet our requirements in a timely and effective manner” – Client’s Testimonial… more

“Contractor’s [SP Group’s] quality of work exceeds expectations” – Client Testimonial   SP Group was awarded a prime contract to assist HUD’s Office of Multifamily in conducting due diligence and… more

“[SPG] did an outstanding job in listening thoughtfully and identifying nuances that [our agency] had not appreciated until [SPG] had documented them on paper in flowchart formats that were both… more

SBA engaged SP Group to conduct a business process review (BPR) of the SBIC examinations process. SP Group designed an extensive data collection methodology to conduct a thorough evaluation that… more

SP Group provides HUD with analytic support services for the American Housing Survey (AHS). To that end we produce reports for HUD that analyze AHS data regarding HUD-assisted renter population… more

The client engaged SP Group to conduct a data validation review. Loan-level documentation was analyzed for both accuracy and compliance with the loan sale agreements. SP Group’s flexible database tools… more

The client engaged SP Group to conduct a data validation review. SP Group’s flexible database tools provided the client with standardized and ad hoc representations of the analysis. The client… more