About Us

SP Group is a management consulting services firm located in the Washington D.C. metro area.  We bring expertise in data analytics to assess risk and drive transformation.  Our mission is to deliver actionable solutions that integrate deep data analytics and research – providing our clients with the power to simplify the unsimple.  Our core values of “integrity”, “collaboration” and “balance” guide our culture and business philosophy, allowing us to maintain genuine relationships with our employees, partners and clients.

Our Values

SP Group prioritizes honesty with our partners and clients, as well as emphasizes data integrity in our research and analysis.

The contractor performed 100% of their evaluations accurately and without delay. The quality of products was high with no errors or omissions.” – Client Evaluation

At SP Group, we strive to facilitate a team that leverages all of our members’ strengths, such that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The SP Group personnel provided excellent support to the [client], working extremely well with other team members including business analysts, developers, project managers, and various internal and external stakeholders. – Client Evaluation

At SP Group we strive to achieve balance: between simple solutions and complex policies, program efficiency and effectiveness, technical expertise and the big picture.

The contractor demonstrated flexibility and a willingness to accommodate the government needs as necessary but always within scope.” – Client Evaluation

Our Performance

SP Group brings over a decade of experience working as a prime contractor for multiple federal agencies and commercial clients in the housing and financial services industry.  We consistently receive “exceptional” performance ratings for delivering work that exceeds expectations.  This is further demonstrated by the high volume of re-compete business that is awarded to us.

Why SP Group?

  • 10+ years of experience with Federal and commercial clients.
  • Track record of “exceptional” past performance ratings.
  • Targeted expertise in analytics and risk assessment.
  • Access to best-in class tools and technologies.
  • Diverse portfolio of contract vehicles for quick access to us.

Our Team

Our team of qualified staff brings desired credentials and experience in the housing and mortgage finance industry.  Established partnerships allow us to ensure scalability while maintaining low overhead. Our access to Gartner rated, best-in-class tools provide our clients with efficiencies from Day One.  We bring a variety of contract vehicles to provide federal agencies with rapid access to our service offerings.