Data Analytics and Compliance Assessment

SP Group exceeded many of the contract requirements, thereby providing a significant benefit to HUD… At all times, the contractor demonstrated an exceptional understanding of the [HUD] program and provided in-depth knowledge of the key data variables influencing the analytics.

– Client Testimonial  

Challenge: HUD’s Program Office needed assistance in conducting data-driven analyses of operational compliance for analyzing the potential impacts of policy changes involving its loan sale strategy, post-sale reporting requirements and to generally ensure compliance with HUD’s procedures related to asset sales. 

Solution: HUD contracted SP Group to build and maintain an integrated system of databases to facilitate its ongoing operational analytics and risk assessment of FHA loan disposition strategies.  SP Group developed a broadly-scoped modular database system to serve as a platform for the analysis of FHA’s internal data.  In addition to FHA’s internal data, the database system includes information derived from the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Department of Labor, and proprietary data that SP Group licenses from third parties. 

SP Group integrates state-of-the-art database technology (SQL-Server) with advanced workflow (Alteryx) and data visualization tools (Tableau) to develop and test metrics that provide meaningful insights for HUD’s Program Office.  Our robust interactive data visualizations include a wide range of graphics and maps that reveal pertinent statistics and trends related to program performance.  Our data-driven solutions enable HUD to respond to inquiries and issues from internal and external stakeholders from a strong factual and statistically valid basis.