Business Process Review and Training Development

“[SPG] did an outstanding job in listening thoughtfully and identifying nuances that [our agency] had not appreciated until [SPG] had documented them on paper in flowchart formats that were both easy-to-understand and easily implemented.”

-Client Testimonial

Challenge: DoJ’s Community Relations Services (CRS) needed assistance in updating its protocols and practices that guide CRS work strategy and methodology. CRS also needed to create a training and development program to ensure consistency in implementation of methodology across the enterprises within CRS.

Solution: DoJ engaged SP Group to assist with this challenge. SP Group’s team conducted a thorough assessment of CRS’s current protocols and identified the current state of its effectiveness and specific areas for improvement to develop its future-state methodology and corresponding training program. Our team analyzed and synthesized information from various interviews, document reviews, and industry research, and presented a detailed gap analysis of our findings to the client’s senior management. Under this assignment, we also created and delivered a professional development training program to assist CRS specialists in achieving efficient and results-oriented outcomes in the delivery of their services. As recognized by our client, our team “….demonstrated profound understanding of the subject matter in a very short amount of time”, and “…demonstrated flexibility in adjusting to CRS’s emerging priorities across a broad spectrum of CRS personnel”.