Recently released statistics suggest that the housing market is showing a peculiar phenomenon that is seemingly contradictory. Unemployment and loan forbearances are at all-time highs, and the country is in what many experts consider a significant recession with a lengthy recovery ahead, yet home purchases are at record levels....more

Based on the recent data reported by Black Knight, 4.73 million homeowners are in active forbearance as of the end of May 2020[1]. The big question is how many of these will end up in default and foreclosure. According to Black Knight, about half a million homeowners have less than 10 percent equity in their…...more

SP Group’s CEO, Pratima Damani recently attended the presentations at DATA Act Hackathon held at the Booz Allen Hamilton’s Innovation Center in Washington.  At this event, one of the panelists from Treasury Department commented that “….tying together data points helps tell a clearer picture about the government.  For example, the government gives out loans to help stimulate the economy....more

Every month there are many articles and think pieces published regarding millennial spending habits and home buying. The articles encompass a wide range of ideas including commentary on perceived frivolous spending vis-à-vis avocado toast or the latest business negatively impacted by millennial spending habits. I am a millennial in the market to buy a home, and I see...more