DATA Act: Looking Forward

SP Group’s CEO, Pratima Damani recently attended the presentations at DATA Act Hackathon held at the Booz Allen Hamilton’s Innovation Center in Washington.  At this event, one of the panelists from Treasury Department commented that “….tying together data points helps tell a clearer picture about the government.  For example, the government gives out loans to help stimulate the economy.  By linking data together, one can see how the loan helps create jobs and reduce the unemployment rate.”  

SP Group believes that the DATA Act initiative will bring immense value and efficiencies to the Government for program evaluation and monitoring efforts.  As an example is SP Group’s current work with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).   In order to conduct and evaluate the neighborhood stabilization impact of a specific HUD program, SP Group currently extracts, transforms and loads key data metrics from HUD, the Census Bureau, the Department of Labor and the Department of Agriculture.  By linking the key metrics from these disparate sources, SP Group is able to evaluate and measure the changes in key economic factors, such as jobs and unemployment rates before and after the program intervention, and compare the sample results with those from a control group to identify how and by what extent did the federal program make an impact at a neighborhood level. 

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