Profiling HUD’s Most Impacted and Distressed Areas in Texas

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) allocated $5 billion
 in Community Development Block Grants Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds to the State of Texas for the purpose of assisting in long-term recovery from Hurricane Harvey. HUD requires that 80% of these funds, or $4 billion, must be expended in HUD-identified “most impacted and distressed areas”, which are the 26 counties and zip codes shown in the map below (hover over each area for a demographic profile).  The HUD-identified areas represent about 28% of the population of the State of Texas and are comprised of about 40% white alone not Hispanic or Latino population.  The areas contain about 40% renter occupied housing units. 

Grantees in these HUD-identified areas are required to submit an action plan containing an impact and unmet needs assessment and site data sources used to inform their analysis.  SP Group brings expertise and knowledge to assist with the required needs assessment.  We bring access to granular data (county level, zip code or census tracts) and expertise in utilizing HUD’s tools to conduct analytics for drawing meaningful insights.     

Map and Characteristics of “Most Impacted and Distressed” Areas in Texas